Hazardous Storage - Outdoors

For over 25 years DENIOS has been the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered hazardous materials storage solutions offering the most extensive and innovative product range in Europe,from basic IBC and drum stores to walk-in hazardous material storage containers.

Walk-in hazardous material storage containers: Often used as decentralized warehouse solutions minimising distances between the workplace and storage and therefore making work processes safer and more efficient.

Basic IBC and drum stores: Ideal solution for centrally storing drums & IBCs at minimal cost in accordance with UK regulations. 

System Container: The DENIOS tried and tested Drum and IBC storage range are considered the highest quality cabinets available in the market today. Designed to store drums & IBCs, with the added value of internal secondary protection, unique ventilation and ergonomic operation to a level unmatched by its competition. 

Walk-in storage container

Walk-in storage container

Walk-in flammable and hazardous material storage containers by DENIOS offer a high degree of flexibility in regard to size and accessories. mehr

Fire rated walk-in storage container

Fire rated walk-in storage container

Ideal for the safe storage of flammable, highly-flammable and extremely-flammable liquids and substances. Designed to give the highest level of fire protection for the working environment. Suitable for internal and external installation. mehr

Basic IBC and drum stores for hazardous materials

IBC and drum stores for hazardous materials

DENIOS always provides the correct solution - whether you want to store single drums, pallet goods or IBCs. A competitive, fast delivery, working solution. mehr

Basic fire rated IBC and drum store for hazardous materials

Fire Rated IBC and drum store for hazardous materials

For your safety, DENIOS offers Europe's most extensive product range for fire rated storage of hazardous materials. mehr

Drum and IBC storage cabinets

Drum and IBC storage cabinets

Compact solutions designed by DENIOS for the safe, space saving storage of up to 8 drums or 2 IBCs. mehr

Custom-tailored solutions and container units

Bespoke IBC, drum and utility storage containers

DENIOS also offers custom designed solutions. Based on the layout of the basic IBC and drum store, large amounts of hazardous materials can be stored safely in accordance with all HSE (HSG 51)(HSG 71) and Environment Agency Regulations (PPG 26). mehr

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