Hazardous Storage - Indoors

DENIOS offers an extensive product range for the safe and secure storage of hazardous materials indoors, all compliant to current regulations.  

  • Sump pallets manufactured from steel, stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Drum and IBC dispensing stations
  • Hazardous storage cabinets
  • Containment shelving
  • Bunded spill flooring

With products for storing a wide range of containers from small cans to 205 litre drums, from palletised goods to IBCs, as well as products for filling and dispensing hazardous materials DENIOS has the right solution for your needs.

Sump pallets and dispensing stations for drums and small containers

Spill pallets and dispensing stations for drums and small containers

Spill pallets and drum dispensing stations manufactured from Polyethylene, steel or stainless steel ensure the safe handling of hazardous liquids. mehr

IBC Sump pallets and dispensing stations

IBC spill pallets and dispensing stations

PPG 26 regulation compliant IBC spill pallets manufactured from Polyethylene or steel. mehr

Hazardous storage cabinets

Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets for the storage of water hazardous, flammable and oxidising substances in laboratories and industry. mehr

Containment shelving

Containment shelving

Containment shelving, pallet racking and sump pallets are ideal for the storage of hazardous materials in drums, IBCs and small containers. mehr

Flooring Spill Protection

Bunded Spill Flooring

Large floor areas or whole rooms can be adapted for approved storage of hazardous materials with bunded spill flooring. mehr

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