Drum Handling Equipment: Drum Trolley, Drum Lifter

As a hazardous materials specialist DENIOS provides all the necessary equipment for handling and transporting drums in the workplace. Whether it is lifting, rotating, mixing, emptying or transporting you will find a wide range of products to suit your requirements that make the everyday handling of hazardous materials even safer.

Drum lifting attachment for drums stored vertically
Drum gripper, type SH 1
Vertical/horizontal combination action drum lifter, type HW
Drum lifter for horizontal drum transportation, type FZ 900
Drum transport and lifting trolley, type FTH 1
Clamping drum gripper for 120 litre drums with plastic lids
Steel drum dolly for 205 litre drums
Drum lifter and turner, type FW-K
Drum tongs, type P 500
Drum tongs, type P 360
Servo drum lifter with wide wheel base, types FH 60 and FH 200
Polyethylene drum dolly, type Poly200 D
Polyethylene drum dolly with integrated push handle, type Poly200 S

To ensure an efficient production process, drums storing hazardous materials have to be transported safely to the work place and filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken. DENIOS design and manufacture a wide variety of drum handling equipment, offering maximum safety for those working with hazardous materials on a daily basis. 

  • Forklift truck attachments
  • Drum trolleys and dollies
  • Drum tongs for safe and easy transportation
  • Individual drum lifting equipment

Additional information: Hazardous Material Handling - Drum Handling - Drum Handling Equipment: Drum Trolley, Drum Lifter

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