Handling and using hazardous materials safely

The majority of hazardous materials are stored in drums and barrels, and to ensure an efficient production process,these drums have to be transported safely to the workplace. Filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken. 

As a specialist in handling hazardous products, DENIOS offers its expertise in this field.  Our broad product range of drum handling equipment ensures all applications can be carried out to a high standard. We offer versatile products for drum lifting, turning, mixing, emptying and transporting.

Drum handling, drum trolleys, drum lifting equipment, drum tongs

Drum handling equipment: Drum trolleys, drum lifters, drum tongs

Versatile products for all your drum handling needs: Drum lifting, turning, emptying and transporting. mehr

Storing, transporting and filling

Storing, transporting and filling

Products for the safe handling and use of hazardous materials. mehr

Drum equipment - electric drum pumps, taps, Polyethylene drum funnels

Multi purpose drum taps, electric drum pumps and many other tools to enable the safe handling of hazardous materials. mehr

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