Gas Bottle Handling

Safe transportation of gas cylinders on and off your production sites require special consideration. As an expert in all areas of hazardous material storage and handling DENIOS offer a tried and tested product range for the safe handling of gas cylinders.

Gas cylinder trolley GFR-L
Gas cylinder trolley BK-60
Gas cylinder pallet
Gas cylinder stand with safety chain
Steel gas cylinder pallet
Polyethylene gas cylinder trolley
Steel gas cylinder wall bracket WH 320-S
Polyethylene gas cylinder wall bracket WH-3-P
Polyethylene gas cylinder pallet for 4 gas cylinders
Polyethylene gas cylinder trolley with stabiliser
Polyethylene gas cylinder pallet for 6 gas cylinders

DENIOS gas cylinder handling products comply to all current regulations and provide versatility in everyday production operations. 

  • Gas cylinder trolleys manufactured from steel or polyethylene
  • Gas cylinder pallets for transportation using forklift trucks
  • Wall brackets
  • Gas cylinder stands

Additional information: Gas Bottle Storage & Handling - Gas Bottle Handling

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

Dangerous to one's health

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