Gas Bottle Cages - Gas Bottle Cabinets

DENIOS offers an extensive range of products for the safe storage of gas bottles both internally and externally. Manufactured in the UK, DENIOS gas cages are tried and tested, and conform to all legal requirements. Sufficient ventilation as well as protection against unauthorised access is also accounted for. 

Gas cylinder cage with fitted shelving units, cage GS 305
Concrete gas cylinder store F30, GFB 314
Gas bottle storage, FGF 1602
Gas bottle storage cabinet, ST 10
Gas cylinder storage container, MDC 210
Gas bottle storage cabinet, ST 23
Gas cylinder cage, 20-40
Compressed gas cylinder cabinet, LG
Compressed gas cylinder cabinet, LG

DENIOS gas cylinder cages and containers offer compact indoor and outdoor storage solutions. Options for storing large quantities of gas cylinders outdoors are also available.

  • Compressed gas cylinder cabinets for outdoor installation
  • Gas cylinder cages for compact outdoor storage
  • Gas cylinder storage for indoors and outdoors
  • Gas cylinder storage for pallet goods
  • Gas cylinder containers with large storage capacities

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