Gas cylinder storage and handling

Gas bottles are potentially very dangerous and safe storage is extremely important. DENIOS produce a wide range of products for the storage and handling of gas bottles, which comply with current British Safety Gas Council recommendations and legal requirements including adequate ventilation and protection against unauthorized access.

DENIOS are specialists in handling hazardous materials and offer a comprehensive range of high quality, regulation compliant gas bottle and gas cylinder storage products:

  1. Gas bottle cages and gas bottle storage
  2. Fire rated gas bottle cabinets
  3. Gas bottle handling

Gas cylinder stands and gas cylinder containers

Gas bottle cages and cabinets

Compact solutions for the storage of gas cylinders - indoors and outdoors. mehr

Gas cylinder storage with fire protection

Fire rated gas bottle cabinets

Do not compromise where gas bottle storage and fire protection are required. mehr

Gas cylinder handling

Gas bottle handling

Tried and tested products for the safe handling and transportation of gas bottles. mehr

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