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  • Gas Cylinder Storage
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Gas Cylinder Storage

DENIOS are specialists in handling hazardous materials and offer a comprehensive range of high quality, regulation compliant gas bottle and gas cylinder storage products including gas cylinder cages and gas bottle storage container as well as fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets.

The benefits:

  • Gas cylinders can be stored inside or outside
  • Gas cylinders stored in compliance with TRG 280 specifications
  • Fire-resistant storage of gas cylinders at the workplace
  • Extensive range of accessories for handling gas cylinders safely

Since considerable risk is attached to pressurised gas cylinders, it is extremely important that they are stored correctly.

DENIOS manufactures products for handling and storing gas cylinders which effectively meet the essential requirements such as adequate ventilation and prevention of unauthorised access.

All pressurised gas containers represent a significant potential hazard, both as regards excess pressure and also their content (corrosive, toxic, combustible, oxidising, asphyxiating). So, when handling and storing pressurised gases, it is not just flammable gases which constitute a danger, but any gas under pressure. In the event of a fire, care must be taken that these gases or pressurised gas containers do not heat up and explode. Mechanical damage, e.g. toppling over or collision with a forklift, must also be prevented.

It is advisable to store gas cylinders outdoors in secure conditions. Since gases are frequently also used within buildings, DENIOS also offers tested cabinet systems for this application

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