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Gas Cylinder Cages

DENIOS gas cylinder cages and containers offer compact indoor and outdoor storage solutions for safely storing gas cylinders:

  • Compressed gas cylinder cabinets for outdoor installation
  • Gas cylinder cages for compact outdoor storage
  • Gas cylinder storage for indoors and outdoors
  • Gas cylinder storage for palletised goods
  • Gas cylinder containers with large storage capacities
Compressed gas cylinders are potentially very dangerous due to their overpressure and their content and the most appropriate storage is outdoors. As a result a gas cylinder cage is a Health & Safety Executive requirement for any business storing gas cylinders in an area which allows public access.

Storage outdoors is not always possible so providing a robust risk assessment has been carried out, both the BCGA (British Compresses Gas Association) and Fire Safety Experts recognise that cabinets in accordance with EN 14470-2 can be a suitable way of storing and using compressed gas cylinders in indoor locations without compromising on safety. DENIOS offer a wide range of indoor gas cylinder cabinets for this application.

DENIOS: Helping you deal with gas safely

Gas cylinders can be highly-dangerous if they not handled properly. Anyone concerned with the safe handling and storage of gas will find a good partner at DENIOS. DENIOS provides a wide range of products which will help you store and move gas cylinders in a secure manner and make your work station or factory a safer place. This range of goods includes gas cylinder cabinets and cages as well as gas cylinder frames and wall brackets and gas cylinder trolleys, all of which share one common characteristic: they offer the DENIOS customer a variety of solutions for problems which may crop up inside or outside the company plant.

Gas cylinder cabinets

DENIOS gas cylinder cabinets display our quality and our love of innovative designs. Due to the fact that it is not always possible for companies to house gas cylinders in buildings outdoors, our cabinets are an alternative which meet all the requirements set out by official bodies.Our cabinets offer the ideal solution for liquid gas storage near work stations. They often come with adjustable feet, have no need of extra cables and boast plenty of space inside. This means that workers can place cylinders in the cabinets comfortably and safely. The cabinets are delivered with all the extra internal equipment needed. Needless to say, they are EN14470-2 compliant. They have been tried, tested and the rest basically is up to you. It goes without saying that we at DENIOS have thought of as many options as possible to help you cope with the difficulties which gas sometimes poses. This applies to storage outdoors as well as inside and all of our solutions are environmentally-friendly, sturdy and above all else practical.

As you would expect in the case of any DENIOS product, the product design is excellent, robust and durable. In addition, you enjoy the many options which DENIOS cabinets and cages frequently offer: one-wing door, two wing door, variations in capacity e.g. (11kg, 33kg), perforated wall, closed wall and so forth. The products emphasize perfect weather protection and come with locks, grid shelves, ventilation and warning symbols.

GFC gas cylinder cage

The Denios GFC gas cylinder cage has also been designed to meet TRGS 510 requirements and possesses a roof made of galvanized steel. Up to 72 gas cylinders can be stored in it and unauthorized access is prevented by means of latch and padlock. Easily assembled, it opens to the right and is the perfect outdoor solution for any weather. The GF model, on the other hand, has a capacity of up to 48 cylinders, is made of F90 fire resistant walls which gives it great stability and it is ideal for placement close to a building. Other advantages to the customer of this model include the fact that the lockable door can be had in mesh or fire-rated form and can be selected to open to the left or right. No ventilation is necessary outdoors.

Transporting gas cylinders made easy with DENIOS trolleys

Our gas cylinder trolleys are ideal for moving gas cylinders securely from one place to another. They are made of environmentally-friendly material which is extremely strong and well manufactured. The trolley has been designed with a practical and easily accessible handle to make movement comfortable and smooth. The cylinder is bound to the trolley by means of a lashing strap and the polished finish is rounded off with strong 200mm rubber tyres. The trolley can carry a load of 80 kilogramms. This is a secure and legally-compliant solution that typifies DENIOS commitment to excellence and to providing you with all the solutions you require in this area. We also offer the GPF plastic frame which may be used to transport 4 or 6 cylinders using a forklift.