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Gas Cages

Gas cylinders are potentially very dangerous and safe storage is extremely important. DENIOS produce a wide range of products for the storage and handling of gas cylinders, which comply with current British Safety Gas Council recommendations and legal requirements including adequate ventilation and protection against unauthorized access.

Your advantages:

  • Regulation compliant gas cylinder storage
  • Fire resistant gas bottle storage in the workplace
  • Wide range of accessories for safe handling of gas cylinders

DENIOS Gas Gages

Despite all its many advantages, gas places great demands on anybody in charge of operations in a factory, on a plant floor or at a work station or garage. People in positions of responsibility need the reassurance and confidence that gas is being stored or moved properly and safely on the premises they supervise. The same applies to the workers carrying out the actual tasks inside the factory or outside. Current British Gas Safety regulations are very strict and they insist on proper ventilation at all times and the possibility of preventing unauthorised access. This is an area where DENIOS gas cages and other products for the handling of gas make the perfect choice.

At DENIOS our gas cages are built with these two main rules in mind. Yet we also design and manufacture them to offer the customer as many options as possible when purchasing (e.g. the sizes available, doors, accessories etc.). Our gas cages offer storage possibilities that vary in accordance with your specific needs. For instance, should your storage requirements be in the region of 60-70 gas cylinders, then we have exactly the cage you need (GFC gas cylinder store). Other cages cater for up to 48 cylinders and we even have products such as shelving, cabinets and wall brackets which will house a smaller number of cylinders for you.

All our cages have enormous advantages for the customer in that they meet every standard stipulation currently in place regarding gas storage. Needless to say, they are extremely fire resistant. Not only that but they are built to last and come with a galvanised steel roof which is coated in polyester. Doors open to the right or as you choose to have them, depending on the model in question.

Every DENIOS gas cage has a wide assortment of accessories which offers the customer a degree of flexibility that few companies can match. Do you need a cage with or without a base? Should the door be exactly 1000 mm wide? Does your station need a cage that comes with stackable racks? Or do you need a cabinet that offers perfect fire resistance in line with TRG 280. Lockable doors, latch and padlock, safety chains for single bottles, very solid frames, hot dip galvanised: these are just some of the high-quality characteristics of the DENIOS gas cage product range. In addition, a DENIOS gas cage can offer extra weather protection. Some of our products in the area of gas storage are delivered as a flat pack for self-assembly (with clear instructions) or they come ready assembled. All our gas cages have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed not to let you down.

As regulations get stricter, DENIOS products keep pace every step of the way. If you require further technical information, regardless of whether you are storing indoor or outdoors, please get in touch with us free on 0808 178 07 23.