• Flamable Storage Cabinet
  • Flamable Storage Cabinet
  • Flamable Storage Cabinet
  • Flamable Storage Cabinet
  • Flamable Storage Cabinet

Flammable Storage Cabinet

A flammable storage cabinet is the ideal solution for protecting staff from the hazards associated with storing and handling flammable liquids. DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of flammable storage cabinets for all hazardous material requirements:

  • Flammable storage cabinets with wing doors
  • Flammable storage cabinets with folding doors
  • Underbench storage cabinets for Hazardous Substances

All DENIOS flammable storage cabinets are
tested in accordance with new regulations of DIN EN 14470-1, meet the highest requirements of fire resistance (90 minutes) and have the necessary certification, CE marking and documentation.

DENIOS Flammable Storage Cabinets: Ideal, fireproof protection at your plant!

Do you need to store hazardous, highly-flammable materials on your plant floor or near work areas in your garage or factory? If so, DENIOS can help.

As every health and safety or operations manager knows, locking flammable materials safely out of sight has to be a number one company priority, regardless of the branch or industry you work in. At DENIOS our range of fireproof safety cabinets are the perfect, practical solution to meet your needs.

Legally compliant storage

All flammable storage cabinets we offer are compliant with the new stipulations set out in DIN EN 14470-1. Fire resistant to the highest level possible (90 minutes), they also comprehensively answer the questions posed by DIN EN 14470. The cabinets are also available at a fire resistance level of 30 minutes and each product comes with proper certification, CE marking and documentation. DENIOS cabinets offer you a safe, legally-compliant, fire resistant solution that is unique, simple to use and secure.

DENIOS flammable storage cabinets

Our easy-action cabinets are quickly accessed and simply cleaned but they also prevent unauthorised access should you need that. Highly-flexible and multi-purpose, they are sturdy, environmentally-friendly and durable. It is a straightforward matter to incorporate them into an already-existing system.Our product range includes flammable storage cabinets equipped with wing doors but we also offer alternatives that come with folding doors. Thanks to the refined procedure we have developed to save your workers time and effort, our 2-wing door cabinets are a pleasure to use, requiring only one touch for access. Furthermore, we manufacture under bench flammable storage cabinets, which are the perfect option for storing hazardous flammable materials safely, while at the same time making economic use of the space at your disposal. They boast adjustable shelving, excellent corrosion protection, a ventilation system on the lid of the cabinet, and they can be accessed from beneath also. This means you can move them easily later on, using a forklift truck. DENIOS customers can choose from our Basis or Edition G Lines.

Only high quality eco-friendly materials are used to manufacture our cabinets and they come in various widths and sizes tailored to meet your requirements. You can choose standard yellow or additional colours and we offer great flexibility when it comes to choosing things such as the number of shelves, sumps or slide-out spill trays. This means you get exactly the fireproof chemical cabinet you require. Nor will you be disappointed in the storage capacity these cabinets offer you. Our slide out sumps for instance, facilitate the storing of many smaller containers in one confined space and this adaptability is something you will find throughout the DENIOS product range.

You can read more about additional features such as seal protection strips and our special fire resistant plates that make DENIOS safety cabinets a byword for quality and excellence in our catalogue.