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Drum Storage Cabinets

DENIOS drum storage cabinets allow you to store hazardous substances safely and in compliance with the latest regulations. Suitable for storing, collecting and filling small containers, barrels and up to two IBCs, drum storage cabinets from DENIOS are approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and flammable liquids.

Your advantages:

  • Ideal for dispensing processes
  • Shelves for small containers
  • Safe storage of aggressive chemicals
  • Storage of highly flammable liquids
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • PPG 26 compliant drum storage cabinets
  • Integrated spill pallet

DENIOS Quality

Few products exemplify DENIOS quality better than our drum storage cabinets. DENIOS drum storage cabinets have been developed to house a number of drums and containers and offer excellent safety and protection within a tight or relatively-compact amount of space.

Do you wonder what to do with any dangerous chemicals that by necessity have to be housed on your plant floor? If so, you have come to the right place.

DENIOS supplies drums storage cabinets of many different sizes, which have all been uniquely tailored to meet your requirements. With sturdy, lockable doors to prevent unauthorized access, each unit is designed to protect your equipment safely and securely. Shelves within the cabinets can be easily adjusted to serve your needs. Our cabinets are ideal if you need to store awkward drums somewhere out of view and out of danger. They come with one door or two doors and there is even the possibility of purchasing cabinets which use a roller shutter door to prevent access. Drum cabinets come in different capacity sizes and our units have been optimized to facilitate the housing of pumps, funnels and pallets. Many of our models are equipped with ventilation vents so that air supply is guaranteed should the need for it exist. If you have a particular requirement in the area of roller shutters, sump integration, self-locking doors, racking systems or slide rails then we have the product for you.

DENIOS drum storage cabinets may also be put to good use as a filling or dispensing station. Due to the fact that they can be applied to meet individual requirements as well as operational processes, they offer a flexibility and practicality which makes them the perfect storage solution. Likewise, they are ideally suited for use both inside the factory or outside. This flexibility continues when we look inside the cabinet. DENIOS storage cabinets boast a creative and exceptionally useful shelving system which places a number of upright and horizontal storage choices at the customer's disposal. However, our DENIOS containers and cabinets offer even more. With spill pallet collection volumes of up to 1250 litres and a choice in the steel drum category between painted or galvanized options for the storage of flammable liquids, DENIOS storage units are the perfect choice in this field. We also have polyethylene options available for the storage of acids and alkalis. All DENIOS drum storage cabinets and containers are PPG 26 compliant. Our expertise and good value in the world of drum bunds, drum stores, bunded containers, polyethylene drum storage cabinets and bunded drum cabinets means we have every solution you could possibly need. Solidly-built, durable and manufactured with unique attractive designs, our drum storage cabinets will prove to be a wise investment.

DENIOS drum storage cabinets make companies, plant floors and work stations a safer and more secure place, a healthier and happier environment.