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  • Drum handling equipment
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Drum Handling Equipment

In every industry a large proportion of hazardous materials are stored in drums. To ensure an efficient production process, drums have to be transported safely to the work place and filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken.

As experts in hazardous material storage solutions, DENIOS know exactly how to handle drums and have been creating products for handling hazardous materials safely for over 25 years. Our broad product range of drum handling equipment ensures all applications can be carried out to a high standard. We offer versatile products for drum lifting, turning, mixing, emptying and transporting to ensure optimum safety for both personnel and the environment . 

Tips for the safe handling of hazardous substances in drums 

Hazardous substances are often stored in drums. These drums and other containers don't just have to be transported safely. When filling and dispensing, the protection of both people and the environment must also be our highest priority.  DENIOS has developed and produced a wide range of products and technical solutions for every drum handling task, be it lifting, moving, turning, tipping or emptying.

Depending on use, choose from 4 product groups:

1.Drum trolleys / Drum transporters 

Drum trolleys, transporters and dollies are used to easily lift and transport standing or horizontal containers. They are:

  • Suitable for all types of drums up to 500 kg.
  • Available with either pneumatic tyres or solid rubber tyres
  • Hot-dip galvanised or powder coated
  • With smart functions such as gas struts, tipping mechanisms or lifting levers they ensure ergonomic, optimised, easy drum handling
2.Drum lifters

The various types of drum lifters, drum pallet trucks, drum transport lifters, drum grippers and drum turners can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Loading and removing drums from spill pallets or Euro pallets
  • For vertically and horizontally stored drums
  • With a narrow wheelbase for removing drums from Euro pallets or a broad wheelbase for reaching standing drums at the back of a pallet
  • For turning, mixing and dosed emptying
  • With foot pump for easier lifting
Tip: First select the right wheelbase and then combine it with the most suitable drum clamp for your needs.

3.Drum lifting equipment  

This covers all types of load lifting equipment for lifting operations:

  • Drum lifting attachments for standing and horizontally stored drums
  • Drum tongs for suspension in crane tracks
  • Drum lifting grippers for all types of steel drum up to 500 kg, for setting drums upright and for transport of standing or horizontal drums by one person
  • Drum turning tongs for picking up drums from any position as well as controlled turning, rotation and tipping, also for bulk materials
  • Scissor grippers for suspension in crane systems
  • Clamping drum grippers with self-locking device for simple operation
Ingenious and saves effort: Most of these drum lifters are designed so that, after lowering, the drum is released automatically as soon as it reaches the floor.

4.Attachments for fork lift trucks

If you need to cover a distance with a drum it makes sense to use an industrial truck. With various attachments, you can:

  • Lift drums, transport them and sometimes turn them
  • Position drums close to each other on a shelf
  • In some cases lift 2 drums at the same time
  • Store drums efficiently without manual handling, without a second person and without getting out of the forklift cab.

In addition to these 4 product groups DENIOS also offers a wide range of useful tools and aids for drum handling, including:

  • Drum wedges for optimum emptying
  • Dispensing platforms for easy emptying of plastic carboys up to 60 kg 

Advantages of using DENIOS products when handling drums:
  • Drums can be moved more quickly and safely. Even heavy drums can be easily transported both when standing or when horizontal, with a high degree of safety for your employees and the environment.
  • Your storage areas can be stocked flexibly and at low cost, even if space is at a premium.
  • Your employees will be able to work efficiently. Ingenious features ensure that in general, only one person is needed for handling drums or handling can take place from the comfort of the forklift cab.
  • These clever, robust designs with a long life have been proven in practical use.
  • Manual work is reduced by ergonomic, optimised solutions, minimising the physical stresses on your employees.
Every accident, every leak and every laborious handling operation costs your company time and money. With the professional products from DENIOS, the specialists in hazardous materials handling, you'll ensure safe and efficient drum handling in your stores, workshops and production areas.

Drum handling questions and answers

How do I decide between pneumatic tyres and solid rubber tyres for a drum trolley?

Pneumatic tyres are the better choice where the flooring is uneven. Drum trolleys with solid rubber tyres need less effort to push them. 

When is it better to use a free-standing drum lifter and when should I use a forklift attachment?

Drum lifters have relatively small wheels and are therefore suitable for transporting over shorter distances. With a drum gripper, a container can be transported over a longer distance and even taken outdoors.

Can I pick up a drum using a forklift, without having to get out of the forklift cab?

Yes. Using drum gripper SH as a forklift attachment, you don't need to get out of the forklift or use a second person. The same applies to drum clamp FK. When lifting the drum, the gripper and clamp lock automatically.

Can I transport open drums?

Yes. Drum tongs FZ-S ensure the drum is always kept upright.

Are there products for drum handling in potentially explosive areas?

Yes. Many DENIOS drum handling products meet the requirements of ATEX Guideline 94/9/EC or are offered in an anti-static version. Ask your DENIOS contact for further details.

Which products would I need to load a salvage drum?

For safety and salvage drums, and any occasions when drums are tightly packed, use drum tongs FZ 600. These tongs only need a small amount of space at each side. 

Why do drum trolleys and drum dollies not have a CE label?

Drum trolleys and drum dollies are manually powered transport devices and therefore do not fall under the Machinery Directive.

What advantages do the drum lifting grippers offer?

The drum lifting grippers are suitable for one-person operation.
2)Standing or horizontal drums can be lifted or set upright.
The drum lifting grippers can be carried by a forklift to save space.

How often should I have drum handling products inspected and who should do this?

A specialist should inspect the equipment at least once a year and this should be documented in an inspection record.