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Warning: regulatory change for the labeling of dangerous products

Are you equipped in accordance with the new regulations? From 1 June 2015, the new classification and labeling system is mandatory for your hazardous products.

GHS is the "Globally Harmonized System" for the classification and labeling of chemicals. It aims to use consistent criteria for hazard classification and standardize the content and format of labels and safety data sheets used around the world.

The European Union adopted the GHS under its regulation on the classification, labeling and packaging (in force since 20 January 2009). Since 1 December 2010, all substances must be labeled according to the system defined by the CLP Regulation (EG No. 1272/2008). On 1 June 2015, the GHS for handling, storing and transportior all countries. 

The new GHS symbols:
There are 9 hazard pictograms which all have a black symbol on a white background with a red frame.

New hazard classes have emerged such as "corrosive to metals." Each hazard class is divided into one or more categories according to the danger of the product.
The pictograms signal words are linked to the hazard categories. The word "DANGER" for example will be associated with the most dangerous chemicals.

Ensure you are fully compliant with the new GHS for the classification and labelling of your hazardous materials before June 1st 2015. To make transition easier we have put together the most important facts. Click here

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