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Safety cabinets with smart 'One Touch' doors

For many hazardous substances safety cabinets offer the safest and best storage option, and approved, quality controlled hazardous material storage cabinets with ergonomic comfort features are recommended. The "One Touch" safety cabinet from DENIOS meets all these criteria. The clever technology on these safety cabinets enables both doors to be opened quite simply using just one handle, and after use the doors close automatically, without needing power. This offers a 60% saving in effort and increases safety.

DENIOS One Touch safety cabinet – effortlessly open two doors using one handle

This smart technology ensures that the "One Touch" doors can be operated easily and safely, even when holding a container. A new "asynchronous linked door mechanism" with innovative slotted guide enables both cabinet doors to be opened at the same time. No dangerous change of grip is needed so your container remains safe in one hand, and you don't even need to change your position in front of the cabinet. The asynchronous door action also reduces the amount of physical effort required. First the right hand door opens then the left will open a short while afterwards - there's no need to move the mass of both doors at the same time. An innovative "automatic door closer" automatically closes the doors after 60 seconds. Various technical features work together in a unique way: The closer ensures that the doors can be opened extremely easily and then in the last stage of the closing process ensures that they are securely closed against the seals with sufficient force. The pneumatic damper is the ideal solution for ensuring the doors close evenly, gently and quietly. 60 seconds after the doors have been opened, a time-limited pulse generator triggers the door hold-open device. The doors of the safety cabinet close automatically without external power. The closing process can be interrupted by the user at any moment, and of course, the doors may also be closed manually.

The DENIOS "One Touch" safety cabinet enables legally compliant storage of hazardous substances in work rooms in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1. The internal arrangement of the safety cabinet can be either shelves or pull-out trays, depending on your requirements, and can store up to 235 litres of hazardous substances. The cabinet can be locked using a master key compatible profile cylinder lock. An air extraction point is located in the roof area of the cabinet. An earthing connection point is also provided. Adjusters can be used to even out any unevenness in the floor. In the event of a fire, the integral thermocouples enable the doors and pull-out shelves to be automatically closed. Fire resistance is for 90 minutes (type approval in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1, Model 90). Purely mechanical functional components mean that the cabinet can also be used in Ex zones. 

More information on DENIOS' range of safety cabinets can be found on our website www.denios.co.uk or the Spring catalogue


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