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Protect temperature sensitive substances from the cold – with DENIOS drum heaters and heating jackets

The temperature control of substances is, for many industries, of critical importance. For example, when raw materials need to be prepared for further processing by being heated or when a constant temperature needs to be maintained to ensure the safe storage of sensitive liquids.

Cool on the outside and warm inside - with DENIOS heating jackets the heat stays where it's needed.

Heating chambers with a large drum capacity are not always needed - often an individual drum solution or a mobile unit can be sufficient. For these kinds of applications, DENIOS offers a range of practical drum heaters and heating jackets.

Drum heaters are specially designed to be used at various locations to heat and warm substances. A range of applications can be covered as drum heaters are available with 3 different heating systems: base heating, jacket heating and combined base and jacket heating.

With the full version, the drum is enclosed on all sides. This ensures good heat insulation and ideal heat transfer. Maximum efficiency has been ensured during product development and complete coverage ensures constant insulation over a long period. If the substance to be stored only requires a small amount of heating, the versions with a heated base would be suitable. This solution is designed for use with a relatively low amount of heat. FH-M type drum heaters offer optimum, even temperature control. This version offers an integral jacket heater, heating the drum over a large surface area.

All drum heaters from DENIOS have stepless adjustment and a digital temperature gauge. The hydraulically damped lid ensures safety when loading, avoiding sudden, uncontrolled lowering of the lid and guaranteeing easy handling.

The drum heater range is completed by a set of practical heating jackets. In addition to jackets for 30 to 205 litre drums, versions are also available for 1000 litre IBCs. The outer layer is in polyurethane coated nylon. Between the outer layer and the inner backing layer is a spiral shaped heating element, which in turn is covered by an insulating silicon layer. This ensures efficient heat insulation and prevents heating from external sources. The heating jacket can be removed immediately after use without having to wait for it to cool down. The jacket is easy to adjust with plastic clips at the end of the strap,  making it easy to adapt to suit various sizes of drum.

More practical products, for example flexible silicon drum heating belts can be found in the current DENIOS catalogue or on the online shop at www.denios.co.uk/shop. For more information please call free on 0808 178 07 23 or email sales@denios.co.uk


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