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PPE and First Aid - are your employees adequately protected?

According to the Labour Force Survey (2014/2015) 611,000 injuries occurred at work in Great Britain. Even if the greatest health and safety measures are put in place, accidents can not be completely avoided. Those responsible for occupational safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) should ask which emergency measures are right for their operations, and what equipment is needed on site. DENIOS provides a comprehensive range of necessary protective equipment to meet all requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The requirements for personal protective equipment have become increasingly individualized. Product selection is not only determined by the legal requirements for adequate health protection, but also by personal comfort of the individual. For this reason DENIOS provides a wide range of PPE products from a number of brands who have proven themselves over many years in practice.  

  • Safety helmets and face shields are of particular importance in the manufacturing industry and on construction sites 
  • Safety goggles protect the eyes from mechanical, thermal or chemical hazards
  • Noise exposure can lead to damage in the inner ear. High-quality products provide reliable hearing protection
  • Various types of respirators provide safe protection of the airways
  • A wide range of protective gloves for protection against burns, heat and cold
  • Protective clothing such as Chemical protective overalls are an effective and necessary protection for the body when working with hazardous materials

Be prepared in the case of an accident

When working with chemicals and hazardous materials, immediate first aid is very important to avoid permanent injury. The installation of emergency showers and eye wash stations is mandatory in many areas including laboratories and manufacturing facilities. With an extensive selection of emergency safety showers and eye wash stations with different irrigating solutions available, DENIOS will have the right solution for your requirements.


DENIOS is the specialist for occupational safety and environmental protection in industry. Hazardous material storage and handling, and products for workplace safety support customers from all parts of the world in carrying out their daily duties in compliance with current regulations. All products, extensive information on hazardous materials storage and handling as well as legislation information can be found on our website www.denios.co.uk


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