NATURE. Like all other organisms, we're part of the natural balance. This means we have a responsibility when we're handling materials which have the potential to harm our environment. We see this as our primary aim - keeping the natural world safe, both for us and for the generations to come.

PROTECTION. However, what happens frequently in the natural world can mean a disaster for many companies; Fire. Nature has developed her own strategies, providing effective and long lasting protection. But she is unable to protect against the dangers caused by mankind. Our products are able to do this, and will also protect your employees at the same time.

WITH US. Working together towards a common goal ensures our projects are so successful. DENIOS values cooperation between a wide range of experts and specialists. Together with our customers, we can develop the best protection, just as Nature does.

  • Worldwide market-leading company for the storage of hazardous substances, environmental protection and work safety

  • Approved in 17 countries

  • CE conformity

  • Over 10000 products for industrial environmental protection

  • EI 90 and 119 fire protection

  • Production sites across the whole of Europe and the USA

  • 2500 storage systems per year

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