• Drum & IBC storage container
  • Flammable storage container
  • Spill pallet
  • Flammable safety cabinet
  • Hazardous storage racking

Chemical Storage

DENIOS offers the widest range of solutions for storing hazardous materials for every application and requirement. From simple spill pallets to customized chemical storage, DENIOS solutions all provide a legally compliant and efficient storage system for flammable, toxic, or water-polluting substances.

Your advantages:

  • Compliant storage of hazardous materials
  • Models for each container size and storage medium
  • Indoor and outdoor storage
  • Storage of hazardous materials with fire protection F90 available
  • Bespoke solutions for chemical storage
  • Safety cabinets
  • Spill pallets
  • 26 years experience

DENIOS offer the widest range of solutions for storing hazardous materials safely and in compliance with current regulations.

Internal hazardous storage

Internal hazardous storage solutions from DENIOS are available in a variety of formats from simple spill pallets to flammable chemical cabinets. All DENIOS internal chemical storage solutions meet current regulations and legislation providing your employees, your facilities and the environment with the best protection. 
  • Spill pallets and dispensing stations for drums and small containers
  • Spill pallets and dispensing stations for IBCs
  • Bunded flooring
  • Pallet racking systems and drum racking
  • Safety cabinets for chemical storage
  • Dispensing cabinets: convenient and secure for complex dispensing processes. 
  • Acid and Alkali Cabinets: Best for storing corrosive chemicals.
  • Flammable storage cabinets: ideal for use in laboratories for storing flammable liquids. 

External hazardous storage containers

DENIOS UK manufacture a wide range of specialist chemical storage containers from standard solutions which can be adapted to specific applications to custom made solutions designed and built to meet job specific requirements. Being manufactured in the UK you can rest assured that each solution is built to the highest quality standards. 
  • Shelf storage containers for drums & IBCs
  • Walk-in hazardous storage containers for dispensing processes
  • Flammable storage containers
  • Turnkey hazardous material storage