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ATEX Training Course - especially for U.K.

ATEX is the European Directive which governs safe use of electrical and mechanical equipment in Hazardous Areas (areas where there are flammable substances which have a risk of explosion). The DENIOS ATEX course has been designed to aid the development and understanding of the ATEX directives to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Duration: 2 days

  • Price: £200.00 + VAT per person

  • Recommended attendees:
    Those involved at every level within potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • Dates in 2015:

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Areas where a hazardous explosive atmosphere may occur must be classified into zones.
The DENIOS 2 day ATEX training will explain how areas are zoned and why, what equipment is allowed in each area, precautions required within these areas, risk assessing the situation, training and certification of personnel, the law as it stands and the results if we do not comply, and what users or employers need to do. It is aimed at non technical and technical persons who are involved in the use, management or supply of equipment. Ensure ATEX awareness in your company!

ATEX Course Agenda


08.30 - Registrations and introductions

09.00 - Overview
Why do we have ATEX, Abbeystead disaster, Flixborough, Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, Oaks mining disaster, Buncfield, Now

- Directives, Standards and Legislation
Atex 137 and 95, Their relationship to UK Law, European Directives, Standards, Certification, Health and safety requirements in Law, Notified bodies, EEX, EX, FLP, BS, BSEN, IEC., Markings on equipment, Training and certification

- Break

10.45 - Electricity
EAWR, BS 7671, Dangers of electricity, Static
Theory of Explosions
Brissance, Containment, Conditions for explosions or fire, Fire triangle, Flash Point, Ignition temperature
Hazardous areas
Where, What, Permits
Gases, Vapours and Area classification
Characteristics of Gases, Temperature Classifications, Area Classification
Equipment – Explosive Gas Atmosphere
Equipment Types, Zones of use, EPL, Protection concepts

- Lunch

13.15 - Ex d - Flameproof
Ex p – Pressurisation
Ex px, py, pz
Ex e – Increased Safety
Ex n – Reduced risk
ExN, Ex na, nc,nl,nr
Ex m – encapsulation
Ex ma, mb, mc
Ex 0 – Oil immersion

14.45 - Break

15.00 - EX q – powder filling, EX S – special protection, Glands, Wiring systems

16.00 - Questions

- Close of Day one


09.00 - Recap
- i - Increased safety Concept
ia, ib, ic

10.30 - Break

10.45 - Glands
Wiring systems
Markings on equipment
On site preparation
Installation on site
Types and grades of inspection
Common Maintenance requirements
Specific maintenance requirements

12.30 - Lunch

13.15 - Dusts
IIIA - Combustible dusts
IIIB - non conductive dusts
IIIC - Conductive dusts
Standards, regulations and directives
Definitions, groups and sub divisions
Equipment protection methods
Ex tD – protection by enclosure
Ex pD – pressurisation
Ex mD - encapsulation
i, iD – Intrinsic safety

14.45 - Break

- Specific inspection criteria
Maintenance and Inspections

15.45 - Recap

16.00 - Questions

16.30 - Course critique

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