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Anti fatigue mats

Anti Fatigue Mats, are a type of rubber matting also known as safety mats or ergonomic mats, specifically designed for employees who have to stand for long periods of time.DENIOS anti fatigue mats are soft, slip-resistant and made from durable polymer, and provide a cushion for workers to stand on and also help to keep floors clean and dry.
Anti fatigue mats also provide many ergonomic benefits for workers:

  • Softer surfaces are better for standing  and decrease the shock, stress and pressure on feet and joints.
  • The softness of anti-fatigue mats requires workers to shift positions more frequently and encourages subtle leg and calf muscle movements, which increase blood and oxygen flow and, in turn, reduce fatigue.
  • Anti-fatigue mats may help workers stay alert.
  • Anti-fatigue mats also provide slip resistance.
  • Anti-fatigue mats can minimise lost time and worker compensation costs by preventing injuries and pain due to prolonged standing.

DENIOS anti fatigue mats: The perfect product for keeping your workers safe, fit and fresh!

Do you need to take the weight off your workers' feet? At DENIOS, our anti-fatigue mats belong to the comprehensive range of products we offer that help protect workers as they carry out their daily duties.

Anti fatigue mats are a cost effective solution to health risks associated with standing for prolonged periods on hard floors. Without them, there can be serious implications for staff welfare, productivity levels and absenteeism. Long-term health concerns can include varicose veins, arthritis in the knees and hips, heel problems, backache, achilles tendonitis, and other orthopaedic changes such as flat feet. Short-term issues include discomfort, swelling of joints and aches and pains in muscles and joints. This leads to a lack of concentration, and in turn, accidents and injuries! Anti fatigue mats are a special kind of rubber matting which are ergonomically designed to alleviate fatigue and physical stress caused by standing for prolonged periods. Many of DENIOS’ anti fatigue mats also include other benefits such as slip-resistance, protection for dropped items i.e. glass, or insulation from cold floors, so we're sure you'll find the right mat for you in our range. The mats can be purchased with edging and without, and we have products for both dry and wet areas.

Anti-fatigue mats make the work place safer and are an essential tool for improving production cycle times, stimulating worker creativity and guaranteeing health and safety. DENIOS anti-fatigue mats are suitable for industrial use and are an ideal surface for work stations. They remain clean and dry. Any fluid that falls on them drains away from the surface and this helps prevent any slipping that might otherwise occur. Likewise, any excess waste falls through the mat holes and rims, thus ensuring a firm footing for all who tread on it. Made from a springy rubber that delivers great comfort to workers standing on it, DENIOS mats meet all the requirements and stipulations of DIN 51130. We offer prefabricated and made-to-measure solutions and the material we use has the great advantage that it is flame retardant and resistant to a great many chemicals. Above all else, our anti-fatigue mats will make life easier and more effective for all who work with you. They will be able to work faster and with the confidence that they have no need to be concerned about the floor or surface they are crossing or standing on. The worker who has peace of mind is a better worker and anti-fatigue mats contribute greatly to giving your workers exactly that.

As every Managing Director or Production Manager knows, nothing reduces productivity as much as worker fatigue. Alert workers make for good workers whose performance and creativity is at the heart of every company's success. Tired bodies and minds have little chance of performing well. DENIOS anti-fatigue mats, best-used on concrete, metal or wooden floors, are the perfect example of how we at DENIOS help make your work place a safer and more productive environment. Manufactured from long-lasting, durable polymer, they keep floors clean, warm and dry, while also providing workers with a comfortable cushion under their feet. DENIOS anti-fatigue matting and flooring lines are ideally suited to a wide range of production facilities, factories, plant floors and garages. Our anti-fatigue mats and anti-fatigue flooring will help eliminate tiredness and pain in workers who may have to be on their feet for long periods. Accidents at work can be life-changing and very costly wherever they occur. Many accidents can be very simply avoided if workers carry out their duties in a safe environment. Anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats help prevent accidents that often take place on standard floor surfaces. The sure footing they provide on flat and potentially slippery surfaces comes from their slip-resistant coating. Using DENIOS anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting makes lost worker hours or expensive compensation claims less likely in the long run. With the relief that DENIOS matting brings, your workers will be able to concentrate far better on the job they are doing, thus increasing productivity throughout the company. Not only that, but they will enjoy their work place experience far more!

Put an end to worker fatigue: choose DENIOS anti-fatigue mats and flooring!